Skywaterr x Gagadaily


A very GAGA project


A dream come true apparel design project and photoshoot for Gaga Daily — the largest fan site dedicated to pop queen Lady Gaga

Thanks to Gaga Daily I had the opportunity to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of Lady Gaga's career with my art, and dedicate it as a gift to the Little Monsters family. Gaga's first #1 single Just Dance was released exactly 10 years ago from the release of this project.

The concept is to create illustrations that reflect each album Lady Gaga has released throughout her career. With the direction of Kirill, Gaga Daily's owner, an amazing Little Monster, we have created these looks which are printed on T-shirts and hoodies to be sold as merchandise of GagaDaily.com.

You can purchase your T-shirt and hoodies here.


I completed this 2-months-long project while going to university full-time, working part-time, and interning at a fine art gallery. The passion, dedication, and the sleepless nights I gave to this project are uncountable. Krill and I have worked on this project solely online since we both live in different countries. Our passion and creative dedication lead us to an amazing journey of the celebration of the 10th year anniversary of our creative Goddess, Lady Gaga's career. 

After the designs were done, I have decided I want to debut my first official photoshoot as a model, curator, co-stylist, and editor (as if me being the apparel designer is not enough!). I only had half a day to complete this photoshoot. My dear friends who understand my artistic direction helped me with this super fun photoshoot that we created from scratch with no budget (except the $5 sandwiches we got after the starvation during the photoshoot). Everything from clothes to makeup are brought to Outer Richmond, San Francisco, where we used the the cutest colorful walls of houses down the street as our background.

Shortly, we had a BLAST! And these are the photos of our photoshoot:




Creative Director, Designer, Model & Editor

Goksu Ilgaz Kocakcigil

Project Manager & Co-Director

KIRill NGuYen

Photographer, Video Editor & Model

Serkan Mert Ural

Photographer & Stylist

Gurpreet Bhasin


brandon AGUAYO