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Just had my first exhibition!


Thanks all for coming out to my show at the @chocolateandart! It was a success! I love all of you who came by and purchased my art so much for supporting my crazy intense non-stop creative mind ❣️

After working as a gallery assistant, handling art, stretching canvas etc. for other artists it was time for me to have my own exhibition. MOM I MADE IT! Despite having so little time creating art beyond school work and actual work on basically every day of my week, I collected some paintings that I did in the summer and the beginning of this semester for this exhibition. I carefully handled and framed my work for display.

All the efforts and thoughts that went into these works really paid off by the amount of people who showed up to this group exhibition and who purchased my art. I am so excited to make this a routine. Until next time…

Goksu Kocakcigil