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2nd Exhibition


Here at San Francisco State University is a club called Art Club. I’m one of the core members of this amazing creative group of people. As this club was failing in 2018 me and a few artist friends volunteered to save this club and make it even better than before. Because that’s what SF State and the creative students deserve…

We started off by creating a group exhibition in the first month of the semester. The Art Club members had the chance to exhibit their work at the Martin Wong Gallery. We curated the show in a rainbow theme as the artists came with their either existing or new artworks that have black and white body with one or two primary color touches.

The work around the gallery revolved in the order of a color wheel. Thus, we called the show The Dark Color Wheel.

I contributed with 8 pieces from past and current work. It was great to be able to both curate, hang, promote and also be a part of the exhibit with my own art.

Here are some photos from my second exhibition.

Goksu Kocakcigil