Hello, I'm Göksu!


I recently graduated from Foothill College and am a freelance graphic designer / artist. I am from Turkey, Istanbul and I currently live in Bay Area. Currently looking to join a creative team as a graphic designer.

Most of my work are based on advertisement, poster design, and branding. I deal with creating communicative design in a way that can be visually attractive and representative. I spend my free time on personal design and art projects.

Overall, I can be defined as a person with attraction and passion to anything related to art.

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Hello, I'm Göksu

Visual artist from Turkey, based in San Francisco. Attended Foothill College in 2014-2016 and obtained Associates Degree in Art. Recent graduate with Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication Design from San Francisco State University. Currently seeking to join a creative team.

Mostly working on advertisement, poster design, and branding. I deal with creating representative communicative design in a modern, clean and creative way with color's importance in mind; making the world a little less chaotic by designing balanced visuals. Most of my work on this portfolio are personal work. Please contact me for my full portfolio and/or references.

Some of my hobbies include rollerblading, biking, drawing female portraits, photography, and overanalyzing musical tunes. Overall, I can be defined as a person with attraction and passion for art.

Click for my resume and PDF portfolio.